saving water

Using seawater to end droughts.

With climate change really starting to bite we are beginning to hear a lot more about water shortages and severe droughts in the developed world as well as across Africa and less well off parts of Asia. California is in the grip of a drought…
chives flowering

Natural Insect Repellent

Someone was telling me about US educational programme "The Walking Dead" the other day from, which they gleaned this great little tidbit for walkers (hill walkers, not zombies): wild leek is a great natural mosquito repellent. We're not quite…
Barge entering lock

Canal Walks in Ireland

As the canals of Ireland gradually open up, we're getting to see a side of the country that was hidden for most of the twentieth century. In the 1970s a campaign was fought and won to stop the Grand Canal from being paved over and turned…