Compare Punc with other bottles and see the difference

There are so many water and juice bottles available. It can get confusing what type of bottle is the best to buy. Of course we believe that ours is the best value out there. Below we compare bottles – Punc versus Others.

Compare Plastic Bottles

Compare Aluminium Bottles

Compare Other Steel Bottles

Plastic bottles are produced from many different types of materials – many of which are toxic.
Punc Bottles are 100% toxin-free.
Aluminium bottles leach toxins into water. They also need to be lined with an epoxy resin (a type of plastic) to separate the metal from direct contact with the liquid.Punc bottles do not.
There are many types of stainless steel. It is important to know if your bottle is made from Food Grade steel, which is a 100% safe material for carrying liquids.
You can be guaranteed that all PUNC bottles use only food grade 18/8 (304) stainless steel in manufacturing.
Plastic bottles never break down, and are sadly found floating in the seas so that sea animals eat them. They can be recycled but are not safe to be used over and over as they degrade and leech toxins into your water.Punc Bottles also never break down, but in a good way! and are safe to be reused over and over.

Aluminium bottles are lightweight.PUNC bottles are as light as aluminium bottles. Our 750ml curved bottle weighing only 180g. (The average banana weighs 120g).
The PUNC curved bottle design makes our bottles easy to carry.