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Have you Herd

The grass is certainly greener for these cows as they head to their retirement in Hillside animal sanctuary in Norfolk. Jill Smith from Carrigaline in Cork, made the decision to coincide with her own retirement and its believed to be the first time for a dairy farm in Ireland. Over half her 70 strong herd […]


An emotional and prise winning image created by artist Stephen Burgess from Buckinghamshire has won the 2017 MS Amlin World Art Vote prize organised by National Open Art. The painting which was inspired by an image taken from a helicopter is of hundreds of Libyan refugees during their rescue and Stephen said his painting “signifies […]

Seahorse Trash

My daughter showed me a photograph last night which really moved me. You have all probably seen it by now, it was taken by nature photographer Justin Hofman while out snorkelling off the coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumbawa last year. He posted it on Instagram. I must say it’s a truly beautiful photograph, […]

Are you finished with plastic bottles yet?

Seabed pollution is a massive problem now facing the world. That everyday item, the plastic bottle, is a short lived disposable that takes hundreds of years to decompose, affecting animals and plants in its final resting place in our landfills and oceans. A walk on almost any beach, anywhere, and the plastic bottle will inevitably […]