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Natural Insect Repellent

Someone was telling me about US educational programme “The Walking Dead” the other day from, which they gleaned this great little tidbit for walkers (hill walkers, not zombies): wild leek is a great natural mosquito repellent. We’re not quite at the worst mosquito and midge time just yet but it’s on the way soon and […]

The Hydrogen Car Finally Has a Real Chance.

Yes, yes, I know I’m a nerd but graphene is probably my favourite substance. Simply put it’s an ultra-thin, ultra-strong layer of carbon in a honeycomb lattice. It’s not perfect but it is giving us new ways to approach problems that we thought might never be solved. I’ve mentioned it on this blog before because […]

Helping out our wildlife this winter.

Whether or not you believe in the predictions of Met Éireann or a certain Donegal postman, there’s a good chance of a cold winter (because it’s winter…) and even a couple of freezing weeks can be a problem for our wildlife. It might be harder to help reclusive shrews and unfeasibly cute dormice to eat, […]

Kids These Days…

There’s sometimes a tendency to dismiss kids. Sure, what would they know anyway? Best leave them to their phones and whatever arcane stuff they get up to on the internet… Perhaps we could look to them a little more often. Now and then you’ll come across a ‘Teen Invents…’ headline and the article will tell […]

Reef Diving in Ireland

Something that isn’t all that well known is that Ireland has a beautiful reef system off the west coast. It’s odd in a way that it’s not better known because it was off Ireland that deep water coral reefs were first studied properly in the late seventies and we’ve known about the Porcupine Bank reef […]

Coke nearly has a good idea…

Coca-Cola has conjured up a new plan in the last few months, a new way to target the home market and the new post-recession thinking that has seen a drop in convenience buying of drinks and sweets. They first “partnered with” and then began to swallow up a company called Keurig who make those little […]

Out on the Irish Rivers

  I was talking last week with a couple, Aidan and Kate, who started boating on the Shannon in the seventies on a clapped out cruiser near Jamestown (not far from Carrick on Shannon). Back then there was little activity on the river with a lot of it in disrepair since commercial barges had stopped […]

Bringing Down The Dams

Recently, in the US, hundreds of dams have been abandoned as no longer serving the purpose for which they are designed. On the surface the remaining lakes, now sitting undisturbed, seem like a boon to the local wildlife and to returning land to wilderness. The problem beneath the surface is that the dams that create […]