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Banning the Bottle?

A couple of places in the US, (like Concord) and in Australia have banned single use water bottles outright. They’re tired of the waste, tired of the landfills overflowing and they’ve become very aware that huge food companies are using public water and selling it back to the people whose tax paid for it in […]

Fracking: Where do we stand in Ireland?

As a rule we like to keep things at least some way upbeat and positive. That said, there are often things in the world that need a hard look at and even though there huge movements and a lot of research going into healing and helping our environment, there are growing pressures on it too. […]

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 1)

As bizarre as it seems, even in rainy Ireland, a country crammed with lakes and streams, we can often run foul of water shortages. We have an antiquated water system that is as expensive to run as it is wasteful with vast amounts of drinking water wasted in leaks and in unnecessary domestic use, a […]

So, what do you think of water metering?

I was in Wexford recently and noticed Water Authority letters being delivered to houses in the town. Soon enough every house in the country will be metered and like most other places in Europe we will pay directly for our treated water. But we wanted to ask the question; what do you think of the […]

Poor old Sweden; it’s run out of rubbish.

Sweden is suffering a terrible shortage. It’s almost completely run out of rubbish and now has to import it! As a model of democracy, transparency and environmentalism Sweden cannot be beaten and now they have the best energy crisis you could imagine. They make much of their electricity from household waste and they landfill less […]

How to keep your kids hydrated this Summer!

We’ve been hearing a lot about hydration in that past few years; hydration, pre-hydration, re-hydration; what to do and what not to do. Even so, it’s astonishing how many of us feel tired or head-achy, who think less clearly and work less efficiently because we simply don’t get enough water. In this hot weather it […]