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Geeking out about Water (Containers)

I’m a freak: a computer programmer that doesn’t drink coffee. I don’t drink tea either. Or hot chocolate (unless I’ve just been swimming with dolphins in the seas off New Zealand and hypothermia is a possible concern). I like ice cold drinks: Fruit juice, orange squash, Coke or 7UP, and mostly just water. One of […]

How Bad Is the Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic?

You may have heard there’s a lot of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean. Some have referred to the phenomenon as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or described it as a huge floating island of trash the size of Texas. It’s true that the concentration of this debris is higher inside than outside the North […]

BPA-free sippy-cups Scam

“..in an exposé titled, Consumer Alert: BPA-Free Goods Still Contain Toxin Bisphenol, the petrochemical bisphenol A (BPA), a ubiquitous ingredient in thousands of consumer products and which has been linked to a wide range of serious adverse health effects, has been removed by many ostensibly scrupulous manufacturers in favor of another equally toxic analog in […]