Seabed pollution

Seabed pollution is a massive problem now facing the world. That everyday item, the plastic bottle, is a short lived disposable that takes hundreds of years to decompose, affecting animals and plants in its final resting place in our landfills and oceans.

A walk on almost any beach, anywhere, and the plastic bottle will inevitably be found. The worldwide statistics are ever-growing with tons of plastic debris discarded every year polluting lands, rivers, coasts and our precious oceans. Think of our planet and your pocket and help save our environment whilst also getting a trendy funky product that will deliver.

PUNC stainless steel bottles do not introduce BPA, PVC or phthalates into the environment or into your body, they do not add to the millions of tons of waste each year. They do not contribute to the consumption of millions of barrels of oil used in producing plastic bottles.

They do help reduce this increasing consumption and save you money while doing so.

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