This is really exciting. Really exciting! In fact it’s hard not to get carried away given that we at Punc Bottles are water geeks!

There’s an article today in the Irish Independent that made me go on a flurry of web searching because the claims we so astonishing and, frankly, sound like magic. Has an Irish company, Vi-Aqua and two colleges really discovered a way to increase plant growth by thirty percent and, in one test, by forty-six percent, just by beaming certain radio waves through the water?!

I have to remind myself that most really revolutionary discoveries sound a bit mad at first but also that there are a lot of fairly suspicious claims like these every year, like the Dublin energy start up that refuses to allow anyone to test their claims of free, perpetual energy generation.

The credentials the claims come with are pretty impressive though.  The University of Limerick is developing the system while Warrenstown Agricultural College and the Botanic Gardens’ top agricultural botanist and director, Harold Lawler, have tested it in Ireland. Kew Gardens in London have not only tested and endorsed it but have allowed its crest to be used on the device, something never before done. Tests in Italy and India as well as Ireland have given results that should render genetic modification (GMO) obsolete over-night! In tests, plants are made stronger and more resistant to pests without applying chemicals and less like to be damaged in storms or even in transplanting. They’re made bigger and stockier so using a lot more of our CO2 from the atmosphere thus helping the fight against global warming. Atmospheric nitrogen is introduced into the water, cutting down on the need for fertilisers (the Great Barrier Reef is being rapidly killed by fertilisers leeching into the sea). The food yield sky rocketed too.

For now, these are all just claims but they could be verified in a matter of days with very little effort.

So, what do you think? Is this too good to be true? Because if it is true the implications for food production, global warming, cutting water pollution from agriculture and who knows what else are mind bending. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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