An emotional and prise winning image created by artist Stephen Burgess from Buckinghamshire has won the 2017 MS Amlin World Art Vote prize organised by National Open Art. The painting which was inspired by an image taken from a helicopter is of hundreds of Libyan refugees during their rescue and Stephen said his painting “signifies the small degree of hope that hopefully exists in us all”.

Looking at this image I see happiness on the upturned faces of the refugees who now have hope. Obviously, no one wants to be on this boat but somehow circumstance has created the difficult situation where one leaves their country and possibility even their families behind. At the precise time the original image was taken very little had changed but the possibilities had, hope was kindled. Hope a pre-emotional condition and optimistic attitude based on an expectation of a positive outcome and this is a very powerful belief.

We all want a better world and the insight for me taken from this image is that we all have the ability to create hope. Have a look at the image, I hope you like it.

Libyan refugees painting

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