how to help change our future

More and more people are coming to realise that our planet is an ecosystem, a community of living organisms which survives in conjunction with the non-living components of the environment. They also see that every action we take has consequences and these consequences may not be noticed now but will affect the future for our children.

Changes in our environment are starting to become apparent and many think that the changing weather pattern is a result of pollution. The most notable form of pollution is of course plastic packaging which often ends up in our seas, lining our shores, on our streets and in our hedgerows. It is estimated that over 50 billion plastic bottles are used in the US each year.

But how does one help change our future when it seems so overwhelming?

I think the answer is by making small changes at home, changes to our shopping habits, and by not supporting industry which contributes to pollution.

If you use a reusable stainless steel bottle you are saying no to plastic bottles. PUNC bottles are safe bottles, safe for you the individual, and safe for the environment. They last a lifetime and contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution on our planet.


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