My daughter showed me a photograph last night which really moved me. You have all probably seen it by now, it was taken by nature photographer Justin Hofman while out snorkelling off the coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumbawa last year. He posted it on Instagram. I must say it’s a truly beautiful photograph, but I found it so hard to look at. I have always loved Seahorses, they are such delicate and graceful creatures and the way that this one is so casually going about his day clutching on to a Q tip is so tragic. Some person, somewhere on this great planet of ours, got up and had a totally normal day and after their shower or before, cleaned their ears, threw the Q-tip away, without another thought. Somehow that Q-tip found it’s way into the ocean and this creature became it’s friend. The problem is that this is not just one Q-tip however, it just symbolises the problem we as citizens of this planet are facing in relation to the trash in our seas, the problems that being a throw away society, we are creating at an alarming rate. If there is one thing we can take away from seeing this amazing photograph, maybe each one of us can put a bit more thought into what we are using every day and how we dispose of the aftermath. Maybe buy something from the Supermarket today that has less or no packaging? Maybe chose a re-usable product? Little thing’s..  Here’s the picture in case you have not seen it yet


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