Courtesy of The Ocean Clean Up

Are we finally starting to clean up the giant ocean garbage patches?

Two years ago, a Dutch teenager, Boyan Slat, came up with an idea to help clean up the massive patches of plastic rubbish that are killing marine life and ruining the oceans.  I have to admit to being a little sceptical because any mechanical…
saving water

Did you know...? More ways to save water (and money).

Whether you're on the mains or have a well or are part of a group water scheme there are reasons beyond saving money on the inevitable water charges. Drinking water is being turned into a commodity like oil in many parts of the world and there's…

Two ways to decrease greenhouse gases and save the oceans too!

It can often feel like we have lost the battle with climate change. In trying to get politicians and industrialists to take climate change seriously, environmentalists can state things in such a bleak way that it can seem like the fight is…