saving water

Using seawater to end droughts.

With climate change really starting to bite we are beginning to hear a lot more about water shortages and severe droughts in the developed world as well as across Africa and less well off parts of Asia. California is in the grip of a drought…
Condit Dam on the White River

Bringing Down The Dams

Recently, in the US, hundreds of dams have been abandoned as no longer serving the purpose for which they are designed. On the surface the remaining lakes, now sitting undisturbed, seem like a boon to the local wildlife and to returning land…

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 4)

The final part of harvesting rain water is storage. It comes down to a simple question: how much water do you think you'll need and for what. For example will you use the water just on your lawn, flowers or vegetables? Will you also use it for…
layers for water filter

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 3)

This time 'round we are looking at a more developed type of rainwater filter. This second type of filtering is a multi-layer filter and is incredibly effective, giving clean potable water and it lasts a long time before you need to empty…
Simple sand 'biofilter'

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 2)

So last week, we looked at a simple rain- barrel for gardening and DIY needs. Harvested rain can be used for anything that mains or well water is usually used for, as long as it is filtered. To use it for washing dishes (or people) it would…
Home rainwater harvesting

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 1)

As bizarre as it seems, even in rainy Ireland, a country crammed with lakes and streams, we can often run foul of water shortages. We have an antiquated water system that is as expensive to run as it is wasteful with vast amounts of drinking…