Courtesy of The Ocean Clean Up

Are we finally starting to clean up the giant ocean garbage patches?

Two years ago, a Dutch teenager, Boyan Slat, came up with an idea to help clean up the massive patches of plastic rubbish that are killing marine life and ruining the oceans.  I have to admit to being a little sceptical because any mechanical…
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Natural Insect Repellent Part 2

Natural mosquito and midge repellents A while back I posted about the wild leek being a great natural mosquito repellent. It can be a little tricky to find though so here are some other natural ways to keep the bites away. While Summer is…
saving water

Using seawater to end droughts.

With climate change really starting to bite we are beginning to hear a lot more about water shortages and severe droughts in the developed world as well as across Africa and less well off parts of Asia. California is in the grip of a drought…
Condit Dam on the White River

Bringing Down The Dams

Recently, in the US, hundreds of dams have been abandoned as no longer serving the purpose for which they are designed. On the surface the remaining lakes, now sitting undisturbed, seem like a boon to the local wildlife and to returning land…
saving water

Did you know...? More ways to save water (and money).

Whether you're on the mains or have a well or are part of a group water scheme there are reasons beyond saving money on the inevitable water charges. Drinking water is being turned into a commodity like oil in many parts of the world and there's…

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 4)

The final part of harvesting rain water is storage. It comes down to a simple question: how much water do you think you'll need and for what. For example will you use the water just on your lawn, flowers or vegetables? Will you also use it for…
layers for water filter

Four ways to collect and use rainwater! (Part 3)

This time 'round we are looking at a more developed type of rainwater filter. This second type of filtering is a multi-layer filter and is incredibly effective, giving clean potable water and it lasts a long time before you need to empty…
A Swedish rubbish based power plant

Poor old Sweden; it's run out of rubbish.

Sweden is suffering a terrible shortage. It's almost completely run out of rubbish and now has to import it! As a model of democracy, transparency and environmentalism Sweden cannot be beaten and now they have the best energy crisis you could…
water filtration billboard

A Billboard That Produces Clean Drinking Water From Desert Air!

This is really cool! Old proverbs are only sometimes right ('what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' being particularly suspicious to me) but necessity really is the mother of invention, along with, these days, government agencies that…