TEDx is back in Dublin!

If you haven’t heard of Ted Talks you’re seriously missing out. The premise is simply “Ideas worth spreading” that they gather people who are exceptional in their fields in some way and they give short, often inspirational talks to a live audience. Tickets are hard to come by but TED publishes everything on-line either at their own site or on their YouTube channel in a shorter form. They cover sciences, art, new approaches to older ideas, local solutions to global problems and you’ll find some truly beautiful stuff here from people you’d never ordinarily get to hear from.

Every year they run smaller events around the world called TedX and Dublin’s event  is coming up on Saturday, 14th of September.

PUNC Bottles have been closely following the new ideas around water that TED has dealt with; filtering, cleaning, collecting, conserving, irrigation, habitats… But also they make sure to include broad thinkers; many of the ideas are not just old but ancient. While the West can offer great new ideas, TED’s speakers know well when not to interfere with traditional ways. This video shows India’s traditional water harvesting methods (in a witty and wise way) and there are ideas that could transfer around the world to increase efficiency in using water; how bizarre is it that we use drinking water to flush the loo?

As ever, this years event is diverse and includes Lisa Domican, a Wicklow based mother of two autistic children, who has developed a simple picture app that allows non verbal people with Autism and other disabilities to communicate effectively. Another is Easkey Britton, a champion surfer with Ph.D. in Marine Science who is currently working on her documentary “Waves of Freedom” while teaching women in some of the poorest parts of Iran to surf (Easkey was the first woman ever to surf in Iran) where “she is exploring how surfing and creative expression can empower women everywhere.”

Whether or not you make it to TEDx in Dublin this year, you should check out their talks. They never fail to give a lift of inspiration on a grey autumn day!

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