Leonardo di Caprio stars alongside Kate Winslet in Titanic

Climate change has been brought to the front of people’s minds recently thanks to the fantastic Leonardo Di Caprio. I admire him so much for not only his amazing acting skills, ( I have been a fan since Titantic and I still say there was room for two on that bit of wood!) but for using his long overdue Oscar acceptance speech as a platform to highlight the issue of Climate Change. It is a problem that affects every one of us, the inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

You only have to take a walk on any beach in Ireland, and I am sure it is the same all over the world, after a storm and look at all the plastic that has washed up. Our seas are full of plastic, and landfill sites everywhere are full of plastic.

Instead of buying drinks that come in plastic bottles, you could bring a PUNC bottle full of your favourite drink with you.  Most big offices and colleges have water coolers in them these days, fill your bottle from them instead of using those little plastic cups. A lot of the big coffee chains these days offer a cheaper coffee if you bring your own cup. Fill your PUNC Insulated bottle with coffee or tea or whatever you are having yourself, save the cup going to landfill and a few bob for yourself too. The more people who do this the bigger the impact it will have.

It’s very sad to say that Leo and Kate in today’s oceans, probably could have saved themselves by hopping onto one of the many islands of plastic that are floating around our oceans…

written by Patricia Mulvaney

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